OLED LCD Display Dental Dentist Obturation Endo System/Warm Gutta-percha Obturation Gun

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A :Obturation Gun

  1. It can be heated to 230℃ in 15S,which can melt all kinds of gutta percha.
  2. Large battery capacity ,which can use long time.
  3. Wireless 3D filling design.
  4. Comfortable holding and easy to operate.
  5. Gun needle screw design can effectively prevent excessive glue.
  6. Auto idle Power Saving Mode,the device will turn off automatically after 15m of non-use.
  7. Accurate temperature-control and thermal protector cap can prevent accidental scald.

B :Obturation Pen

  1. The heater can be heated to 230℃ in 5S.
  2. Option temperature:160、180、200、230℃.
  3. Large capacity battery ,double battery charging and spare.
  4. Holding comfortable,easy to use.
  5. Wireless design,reduce wrist fatigue.
  6. Own heating protection function,the heating maximum time of heater is 10S,more efficient and secure.
  7. Heating key 360°stereo operation,accurate top control,3D filling more thoroughly.

Technical parameters:

Obturation Gun:

Li-ion chargeable Battery:3.7V 2200mAh

Heating time:15s to 230℃

Working temperature :160 ℃、180 ℃、200 ℃、230 ℃

Input voltage:100V-240V AC

Output voltage:DC 5V,2A

Gun needle size:23G

Operating time:continuous use 1.5H

Obturation Pen:

Li-ion chargeable Battery:3.7V 2600mAh

Heating time:5s

Working temperature :160 ℃、180 ℃、200 ℃、230 ℃

Input voltage:100V-240V AC

Output voltage:DC 5V,2A

Heat plunger size:F、FM、M

Operating time:continuous use 1.5H

Full set Packing List: 

Obturation Gun  1 PC  

Power  1 PC

Charging Base  1 PC   

Multi-tool   1 PC

Handpiece prop     1 PC 

Needles    3PCS

Thermal Protector  2PCS

Prevent overflow ring 10PCS

Plunger          1PC

Cleaning Brush    1PC

Obturation  pen   1PC

Charging base    1PC

Adopter          1PC

Wrench          1PC

Pen Tips (Type 1*F/1*FM/1*M) 3PCS

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