Dental Visual Ultrasonic Irrigator Scaler Oral Tartar Remover

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Color: Visual Version


1.This visual ultrasonic dental scaler uses ultrasonic high-frequency resonance technology to safely and painlessly remove dental stains, accurately crush dental calculus, whiten and protect teeth, without damaging teeth and gums.
2.When the dental scaler touches the teeth, it will start ultrasonic resonance cleaning, and it will stop working when it touches the gums to avoid accidental injury to the gums.
3.It can effectively improve the red swollen and painful gums, yellow and black teeth, tartar, tartar, bad breath, tooth decay, dental plaque and other dental problems.
4.The APP has a built-in hotline, which can wirelessly connect to mobile phones and tablets and other devices, with a 5 million-pixel high-definition lens, allowing you to view and understand the condition of your teeth in real time.
5.6 high-brightness LED cold light lamps illuminate the entire oral cavity and make dental problems clearly visible.
6.3 cleaning modes: milder, clean and powerful, are available for you to choose to meet different teeth cleaning needs.
7.Three replaceable cleaning heads, made of food-grade stainless steel, are specially designed for different tooth conditions, deep cleaning between teeth and removing tartar.
1.Long press to turn on/off the device
2.The device works when it touches a tough thing like teeth,if you use it on the skin,it will not work. there is no vibration of item body.
3.The equipment preset 10 minutes automatic shutdown function to prevent overheating
4.It blinks while charging,and it won't shows the power(so you will see an empty battery sign but it's not empty),the blinks stop when it charges full
5.You need to unplug the charging cable before turn it on and use
6.Install head first before charging .The first charging time takes at least 3 hours.
7.Only Visual Version support APP real time .APP support Android and IOS,can't windows.
Material: ABS+stainless steel
Color: White
Weight: 0.19kg
Packing size: 20*7.3*3cm
Lens pixel: 500W
Number of spotlights: 6
Working frequency: 44±3KHZ
Battery capacity: 550mAh
Battery life time: 60min
Best focal length: 2.5-3cm
Lens diameter: D5.5mm
Charging voltage: DC5.0V/1A
Maximum power: 8W
Charging time: about 2-3 hours
Use time: about 1 hour
Charging port: Type-C charging port
Packing List:
1* Host
1* Small wrench
1* Pointed
1* Flat head
1* USB Charging Cable
1* English User Manual

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