Teeth Whitening Trays Moldable Mouth Guard for Teeth Grinding

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1.Made of safe materials, well-constructed, comfortable to wear.
2.Thermoplastic for a better fit. There are 4 mouth guards in 2 different sizes for better fit your teeth. WARM TIPS: Use 70-80℃ hot water to soften the mouthguard, then cover your teeth with mouthguard, use your fingers to gently press the shape of your teeth on the guard.
3.The molded dental impression tray are highly transparent and are suitable for use with the teeth whitening product.They can be also used for teeth grinding,as an athletic mouth guard and as an anti snoring.
4.Mouth guards are easy to clean, very sturdy. The package comes with 2 premium portable case to keep the guards clean and take anywhere you need.
5.Please clean the tray with warm water before using.
How to use:
1. Trim to fit the size of your mouth as needed.
2. Soften with hot water 70℃-80℃(158°F- 176°F) for about 20 seconds,
3. Mold the dental guard by placing it in your mouth.
Note :
1.Don't put it in hot water for long time
2.If failed usage in the first time , this product can alsobe reformed at 70-80C hot water without any adverse effect.
Package Includes:
2*mouth guard big size
2*mouth guard small size
2*mouth guard case

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