6-12 Years Old Dental Silicone Mouthguard Straighten Tooth Tray Dental Orthotics Retainer Orthodontic Braces

DenshineSKU: 620000205952-9210

Option1: 1st and 2nd Stage


Product Name: Orthodontics for children Applicable age: 6-12 years Product material: environmental protection silicone Use time: 3-6 months per stage Product color: blue (first stage), red (second stage) Precautions: 1. Before use, clean with warm water below 40 degrees; 2. Special person to prevent cross infection; 3. Put the braces into the mouth lightly during use, do not chew forcefully; 4. Tooth soreness may appear immediately after use, just adapt to a period of time; 5. Wash with clean water after use, and dry it in the storage box for next use

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