Dental Mini Quick Built Aesthetics Lingual Orthodontic Accessory Injection Mould

DenshinedentistSKU: 380853



Operation procedure :

Step 1

Select one of the six mould, mount to the handle elbow and then fill the light curing resin

Step 2

Place the resin-filled handle n the teeth surface of the adhesive accessories you need, with light curing, 10-15 seconds later, pull out the mould and handle.

Accessories will be attached to the teeth (mould can be reused)

Package includes:

  1. Lingual Button Injection Mould 
  2. Bite Turbo Injection Mould 
  3. Tongue Tamer Injection Mould
  4. Mini Tube Injection Mould 
  5. Bracket Injection Mould  
  6. lingual wire Bondable Injection mould 

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