One Second Wireless Dental LED Curing Light

DenshinedentistSKU: 49176435-black-110v

Color: Black
Style: 110V


Product Specifications:

1.Rated input voltage:AC100-240V 50/60Hz;
2.Output voltage:DC 4.2V/MICRO USB 1A;
3.Battery Voltage:DC 4.2V2200mAh;
4.Wave Length :420-480mm;
5.Light Density:P1:2200MW/Cm2; P2:2000MW/ Cm2; P3:15200MW/ Cm2;
6.Color:Black. White;
7.Charging time:4 hours approx.
8.Packing weight:600g;
9.Packing size:L250xW140xH40mm.
Vibrating alert:
1. Each press a button short vibration
2. Press the button to activate, continuous short vibration twice.
3. Press the button to turn on the light and vibrate every 5 seconds
4. Automatic sleep. continuous short vibration three times
Low battery alert: when it is on, red light flashing prompt, continuous vibration 3 times.
Change working modes: Long press the button for 3 seconds, motor vibration indicates that the working modes change successfully; Shift mode: loop.
Key function description
1. Working hours can be set--1st mode: 1 second; 2nd mode:5 seconds;3rd mode:10seconds.
2.LED1, LED2: the blue light is on display and working is breathing prompt.3.LED3:the red light shows the 2nd mode(2000mw/cm ).
4.LED4:the green light shows the 1st mode(2200mw/cm).
5.LED3,LED4: 2 lights display at the same time shows the 3nd mode(1500mw/cm')
Technical parameters
1.Charger input voltage:AC100-240V 50/60Hz150MA2.Charge output: DC4.2V 1A
3.Battery voltage: DC4.2V4.Battery: 2200mAh
5.Wave length: 420-480mm6.Light intensity:2200mw/cmR
Packing list:
1. Main body: 1pc.
2. Charge base: 1pc.
3. Adapter: 1pc.

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