Tooth Whitener For Home Office Travel Use Stain Removal Teeth Whitening Pen

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  • This pack has 4 teeth whitening pens inside (incloud 2pcs active bamboo charcoal Teeth Whitening Pen) , each is 3ml.Enough supply for 1 month, 80+ uses, most people can see noticeable whitening results after the first whitening process. Shining smile makes you more attractive.
  • Though the best result can be achieved after cleaning & drying teeth, simply brushing the gel onto your teeth and leaving it on for 30 minutes also provide a decent whitening effect.
  • Teeth whitening gel pen which is safe for your teeth and can minimize tooth sensitivity,make your process of teeth whitening more enjoyable. Each whitening pen has a secure cap to prevent leakage, maintain gel quality and preserve freshness to bring you healthy teeth.
  • Compact Pen Shape makes it easy to carry with you,you can safely used at home, in office, and easy to carry while traveling.

How to use:

1.Brush your teeth.

2.Brush gel onto clean, dry teeth, avoid the gums.

3. Rinse it off 30 minutes after using it if you don’t like the taste.

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