Handpiece High speed Small Head LED Optic Dental

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  • 4H Small Head Dental Fiber Optic LED E-Generator High Speed Handpiece for Kids


1.Mini handpiece designed for minimally invasive surgery development , mini handpiece and slender body design makes part of a broader field of vision, surgery operation more dexterous

2.Mini handpiece match the CD series burs, the effect is more ideal .

3.Mini handpiece is also widely used in children’s dental treatment.

4.Comfortable handle.slide-proof,comfortable to hold and easy to clean.

5.Burs would be easily changed with the push-button.

6.Offering a better eyeshot and angle,improving your efficiency.

7.High density cartridge,with high cutting efficiency but less vibration and noise.

8.Both handpiece and quick coupling are autoclavable.


Air pressure: 0.20-0.28Mpa

Ture speed: ≥ 300,000rpm

Chuch type: bur tool

Bur diameter: 1.59-1.60mm

Noise: ≤80dB

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