Dentist FDA Handpiece Dental Straight Nose Cone

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  • NEW Dental Slow Low Speed Handpiece Straight Nose Cone Straight Contra Angle

Straight Nose Cone

- Working pressure: 0.3MPa
- 0.25MPa (2-hole) (Measure meter is installed at the end of air motor to measure the air pressure).
- Revolution: about 22000-27000r/min (adjustable between clockwise or anticlockwise)
- Noise: ≤68dB
- Air consumption: about 56L/min
- Ratio: 1:1
- Max speed of contra angle: 25000rpm/min.


- Long Life-Span
- One Year Manufacturer Warranty

Packing List for Straight Nose Cone

- Straight nose cone: 1 each
- English manual: 1 each

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