Lamp Cordless Resin Cure LED Curing Light

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  • New Wireless Cordless LED Dental Curing Light Lamp1200MW With Light Meter +Teeth Whitening Accelerator

Introduction for LED Dental Curing Light:

LED Curing light is a perfect combination of the highly-efficient LED tube, the micro-control electric circuit and the rechargeable lithium battery. It is used for polymerize composite material. Because of high-efficiency, outstanding function, convenient operation, and longevity, it becomes the latest top curing light in the global market.



Features for LED Dental Curing Light:

The new brand high quality of led dental curing light has main advantages of others as follows:
1. Excellent quality with competitive price.
2. Dual function: Curing ling, tooth whitening accelerator
3. Quick delivery and best service.
4. Service tools for dental and easy to maintain and recharge conveniently.
5. Large capacity Li-battery can be used for a long one with full charging.
6. Plenty of fiber rods with very reasonable price on sale for your replacement.
7. Composes of high power LED, qualified fiber rod.
8. Noiseless; No libration; Generate little heat when working.
9. Imported high power LED and four chips inside.


Technical Specifications for LED Dental Curing Light:
Blue-ray output wavelength: 460-465nm2
Power density: 1200mw/cm2.
Measuring accuracy: +/-15%
Gradually bright, shiny, bright-wide, the work of three models to choose.
output timing:5s~40s.
Blue-ray illumination: 5W≥18 the effect of curing time: 6s: 2-3mm.

Operating conditions:
Temperature :0℃to +60℃
Relative humidity: 10% to 75%
Ambient pressure: 700hpa to 1060hpa

Technical parameters:
Output power-----------5w
Size ----------------------230*170*110mm
Working voltage--------100-240V AC, 50-60HZ

Packing List:
Main engine of light-curing Device------1 set
Optical Fiber--------------------------------1 piece
Battery----------------------------------------1 piece
Battery Charge Seat-------------------------1 set
Shade Board ---------------------------------1 piece
Instruction Booklet -------------------------1 piece

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