High Speed 4 Holes Push Button CE Dental Handpiece

DenshinedentistSKU: 181014-P6D41EX688GG



  • Denshine Dental LED Handpiece Standard Push Button 3 Way High Speed Handpiece 4 Holes

Features For Dental Handpiece:

Self-suffcient LED power system with no power supply required.

Clear view with day-light LED illumination

Unique electric generator, just a little air can generate sufficient power

Self-illumination without connecting circuit

Push button/wrench chuck system

Technical Parameters For Dental Handpiece:

Working pressure: 0.25 Mpa to 0.3 Mpa

Air consumption:55L/min

Rotation Speed:260,000rpm (torque);350,000rpm(standard)

Speed of generator:25,000-30,000rpm

Chucking power35~45N


Net weight:88g

Packing List:

LED handpiece ×1

Cap wrench ×1

Test needle ×1

Operation manual ×1


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