Oral Tool Dental Dentist Ultrasonic Scaler

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  • This ultrasonic is mainly use for teeth cleaning and also an Indispensable equipment for teeth disease prevention and treatment.

Introduction to Dental Ultrasonic Scaler:

This ultrasonic is mainly use for teeth cleaning and also an Indispensable equipment for teeth disease prevention and treatment.

The new product sonic piezo scaling,perio,endo and autowater supply functions.Userfriendly design ,

much more convenient when operating.Clinical Fluid are available for automatic water supply mode: Hydro-gen peroxide,

chlorhexidine and sodium Hypochlorite,etc

Characteristic for Dental Ultrasonic Scaler:

1、Touchtone Style.

2、One-touch foot pedal,sensitive treatment.

3、NC switches can be used to control all functions,easy to operate.

4、Detachable handpiece can be 135℃ and 0.22MPa autoclave sterilization and to effectively prevent cross-infection.


1、Operating Frequency:24-32 KHZ

2、Supply Voltage:2.4V DC,1.7A

3、Output Voltage:AC100-240V,50/60HZ

4、Input inlet pressure:1-5Mpa 


1、Power Input(with transformer input devices):-220V±22V 50HZ ±1HZ 120M

2、The output of the main vibration of cutting-edge offset:≤100um

3、Semi-offset output power:<2N

4、Missed the tip vibration frequency:29KHZ±3KHZ

5、Output Power:3W-20W

6、Inlet Pressure:0.01Mpa-0.5Mpa

7、Transformer Weight:0.95KG

Packing list:
1)Foot pedal   1pc
2)Water Pipe   1pc
3)Charger    1pc
4)Working tip   (G1,G2,G4,P1 1piece each)
5)Spanner     1pc
6)0-ring     20pcs

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