3ml Gingival Teeth Whitening Syringe Tip Dental Protection Gel

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  • It protects the gums and soft tissue when whitening teeth.
  • Adopts medical grade polyacrylic resin ingredients, no harm and safe to use.
  • Suitable for dental clinic, beauty salon, dentistry and home use
  • Very easy and safe to remove from gums


Type: Gingival Protection Gel

Volum: 3ml

How to use:

1. Clean Oral at first, put on the dental cheek retractor.

2. Take out the cap of syringe, Bring curved needle tips, hold it 

and squeeze, paste the gel on the surface of gum until it covers 

and protects gingival well(it's about 2-4mm thickness and 3-

6mm width)

3. Use LED curing lighting about 30-40 seconds till it become solid

4. Start the whitening process

5. Remove the curing gum protector gel after the whitening process

Note:The Gum barrier is used for Protecting gums during the teeth whitening treatment, it can be harden in about 2 seconds

Package Includes:

10*Gingival Protection Gel

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