Endo Endodontic 1 Pack NiTi Files Rotary

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  • 21MM Dental Endodontic Niti Rotary Endo Files Universe Engine Use



The system is comprised of three shaping (SX, S1 and S2) and three finishing (Fl, F2 and F3) files. A maxillary second molar and a mandibular second premolar were shaped with these files, and smooth uniformly tapered canals were created more easily than with stainless steel hand files. During use of NiTi rotary files, it is necessary to consider their potential for breakage. In order to prevent breakage, these files have a unique design, including multiple tapers, a convex triangular cross-section, a continuously changing pitch and helical angle, and a modified guiding tip. Furthermore, the files are combined with an EndoTecnika motor, programmed to allow torque selection for each  file, which increases safety. Consequently, it is believed that the system is very useful in preparing root canal treatment.



- Continuous Multi-taper design, each file has its own specific work area;

- Convex triangular cross-section, providing high cutting efficiency 

whether machine or hand used;

- Improved design of the tip is gentle so that to avoid damage to the root canal wall;

- Design of the pluralism and spiral groove angle to minimize embedding into the root canal wall in the rotation process;

- Materials: NiTi 

- For Machine used

- Brand new and high quality



Length: 25mm / 21mm

Packaging detail:  6pcs/pack




SX   19MM  

S1    21MM    







F3    21MM

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