For Secure Hold 160Gram (40g*4Packs) For Food Seal Strong Hold Denture Adhesive Cream

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  • Denture adhesive products can improve the fit and feel of your dentures, keep your dentures or partial dentures in place.
  • This zinc free adhesive denture cream creates a layer between your dentures and gums for a safe and comfortable fit,and its unique formula gives you Extra strong hold throughout the day.
  • Food seal, helps avoid food particles getting underneath your dentures,Improves wearing comfort by cushioning between gums and dentures.
  • It gives you a secure feeling when you talk, laugh and eat so that you can stop thinking about your dentures and enjoy your life to the fullest.
  • Give you a long, strong hold that lets you enjoy life without limitations. Guarantees a great fit and a strong, long hold. Eat, drink, laugh, and talk with confidence.

How to use

1.Clean your denture as you normally would before use.

2.Remove the metal hygienic sealing from the tube.

3.Apply a little goes a long way so use a 2 – 3 pearl sized drops and spread along the ridge of the denture.

4.Before inserting the denture in your mouth,take a small sip of water to humidify the gums.

5.Place the denture in your mouth and press it in place by closing and holding down your mouth firmly for a few seconds.

6.Do not eat or drink hot liquids for 5 minutes.


Function:false teeth sticking

Suitable group: For full denture wearers, partial denture wearers.

Count:40 Gram(1.4 oz)*4 tubes

Package Includes:

4*Denture Adhesive Cream(40 Gram each tube)

1* manual

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