Cushion Pad Food Seal Zinc Free For Secure Hold Denture Adhesive

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  • This denture adhesive cushion is perfect for denture wearers who have severely flattened alveolar bone and atrophy. It assures a strong bond between denture and gum.
  • you can cut strips to a comfortable size,keep in mind that leaving the denture margin of 2mm.
  • The soft denture adhesive cushion promises long-lasting hold without ooze or mess,your dentures won't slip when eating , laughing and speaking.
  • The cushion is not soluble in liquids, it is also effective for patients with excess saliva.

How to use

1. Clean and moisten the dentures.

2. If the cushion is too large, cut the cushion to appropriate with scissor, keep in mind that leaving the denture margin of 2mm.

Do not cover.

3. Moisten the adhesive cushions in warm water, place and press it on the denture. Press the cushion with two thumbs from the denture to the sides,until the cushion is completely flat docide.

4. Place dentures into mouth. Hold firmly until secure.


Function:false teeth sticking

Apply to:Lower


Count:30pcs each pack (total 2pack)

Package Includes:

2*Denture Adhesive Cushion(30pcs each pack)

1* manual

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