LED light Hygiene Tools Kit Dental Mouth Mirror

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  • Length: 150mm

Instruments in this dental kit are of the same quality and style preferred by dentists. They have been carefully chosen by dentists and hygienists to be an excellent aid to regular examination and greatly improving home dental hygiene. The white light mirror makes you observe the teeth clearly, and thus perform oral examinations more effectively. Super 6000MCD LED light, IC regulator for energy saving for 10 hours working continuously. Rubber-in-plastic handle and switch button, easy to operation. Battery operated, can be replaced, screw off at the bottom, replace with 3pcs button batteries for each item and screw bottom back on.

Features of LED Mouth Mirror:
The dental mirror is used to inspect your gum tissue and all the many hidden areas on the backside of teeth.
Length: 150mm
ABS Handle with Anti-fog protection Optic Mouth Mirror

Features of LED Dental Probe Scraper:
The dental pick effectively removes food and plaque from between teeth
Length: 140mm
Remove plaque, tartar and food from/between teeth
helps to eliminate the dangerous build-up of plaque

Features of LED Dental Polishing Bur:
The Dental Scalersafely removes plaque from the surface of teeth
Length: 145mm
Spot missing fillings and cracked teeth
Gently remove stains from smoking, coffee/tea/wine& food

Package Includes:
1 x Dental Mirror
1 x Dental Polishing Bur
1 x Dental Probe Scraper

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