Standard 022 Overall Casting Orthodontics Brackets

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  • New Dental Overall Casting Dentist Orthodontics Brackets Standard 022 3-4-5 Hooks - 20Pcs/Pack




These High quality brackets are made in One-Piece block including its Electrical Discharged Micro Etched Base.  They are made with  high-tech injection molding machinery to produce precise net shape. High Grade Stainless Steel is used to improve corrosion resistance and strength.
All corners are smoothly rounded using gravitational barrel machine providing a high quality finishing for best sliding mechanism and maximum patient comfort. 
Its high Strength bonding pad has special designed pillars that act as miniature fingers providing retention greater than mesh pads. 
No brazing/soldering is used in the manufacturing process so stainless steel properties will never be compromised or altered. 
Ultra low profile for patient comfort.  


Use: For orthodontic dental treatment

Imported products

Overall casting and more durable

20 pcs in each pack

High Quality

Slot: 022

Size: Standard

Hooks: 3-4-5 Hooks

Package Contents: 20pcs/pack

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