16pcs Dental Implant Torque Screw Driver Wrench Kit

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1. For implant surgery and restoration, technicians preparing crowns, etc.
2.Universal Implant Prosthodontic driver kit 8 short and 8 long shanks.
3.Adjustable torque wrench 10-70Ncm.
4.Medical Grade Stainless Steel
5.132°C Autoclavable,the box can also be sterilized
Torque Wrench: 10-70Ncm
short drivers: 8.5mm
long drivers: 13.5mm
Drivers: for 1.0 Hex Ankylos (Long+Short)
Drivers: for 1.19 Hex Anthogyr (Long+Short)
Drivers: for 1.2 Hex Osstem、3I、Megagen、Neobiotech、Dating (Long+Short)
Drivers: for 1.25 Hex Cortex (Long+Short)
Drivers: for 1.27 Hex Dentium、Dentis、BEGO、Astra、KJ、MEDITECH、Zimmer、MIS、Cortex、Adin、Biohorizon、Alpha Bio Tec (Long+Short)
Drivers: for 1.4 Hex lcx (Long+Short)
Drivers: for T5 Nobel (Long+Short)
Drivers: for T6 Straumann (Long+Short)
Package Includes:
1*Dental Implant Torque Wrench kit

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