Full Kit Dental Matrix Sectional Contoured Matrices + 40 Pcs Silicone Add On Wedges

DenshinedentistSKU: 34974970-whole-set

Color: the Whole Set



Product name:Dental Matrix Sectional
Type: No.1.398
Material: Metal Matrices
The package include:
Small -------------------- 20 pcs
small with ledge ------ 10 pcs 
Medium ----------------- 30 pcs
Medium with ledge --- 10 pcs
Large -------------------- 20 pcs
Large with ledge ------ 10 pcs 
Ring (standard) -------- 1 pc
Ring (delta) ------------- 1 pc

Product name:Silicone Wedges
Package:40 pcs/bag
Product name: Sectional Contoured Metal Matrices Plier
Material: Stainless steel
Type: Orthodontic Supplies
Used for: supporting Sectional Contoured Metal Matrices
Package: 1 Piece

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