Dental Turbine Unit With 3 Way High Low Speed Hanpiece Tube Foot Pedal Wall Mounted Turbine

denshinedentistSKU: 3256806584577768-4holes

Color: 4holes


Dental Lab Portable Unit Weak suction two Turbine tubing Unit for Air Compressor 3 way straw dentistry tools

We have 2 holes and 4 holes handpiece tube,please leave a message which one you need.this product is not include the compressor,Thank you.

▶ Basic model, Mini-compact design
▶ Easy to use:Just connect to air compressor (0.4Mpa~0.8Mpa required) to get start
▶ 3-Way Syringe Included
▶ Foot Pedal Switch

Air pressure input: 4-8kg
Air pressure output: 0-4kg
Air pressure for handpiece: 0.01Mpa~0.4Mpa
Water pressure input: 2kg
Water pressure output: 0-2kg
Water pressure: 0.1Mpa~0.25Mpa

Packing list:
Turbine dental unit *1
Spare handpiece tube *2 (2 holes or 4 holes)
Saliva ejector *1
3-way syringe *1
Foot switch *1
Water bottle. *1
Plastic tube *1(connects to air compressor)
10pcs/1 pack of Hicare high speed diamond burs *1pack (Gift)

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