Dental X Ray Film D-Speed D88+ Good Quality Carestream Intraoral Film Dentist X Ray Position Holder Kit Meterial

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Option1: D88


D-Speed Features:

The intraoral film that delivers high-contrast and fine detail.

D-speed film that generates the high-quality, detailed images you need to make accurate diagnoses.

Ideal for both manual and automated processing methods, D-speed film is a versatile and easy to use solution for your practice.

Enhanced image quality. Because it accommodates such a wide range of processing and handling conditions,

D-speed film is a simple solution for your intraoral imaging needs.

Exceptionally tolerant of process variations, this innovative film is designed to render excellent image quality.

The standard in safety. D-speed film is also available with a ClinAsept barrier feature to help reduce the risk of infection.

The built in barrier protects the film packet from contaminants, while its innovative design frees up your time and ensures peace of mind.

Brand Name: Kodak

Model Number: D-speed

Ralative Humidity 30%-50%

Enviroment Temperature 10-24

Leak Radiation <90nGy/h

Package 100pcs/box

Size 30.5mmx40.5mm


D88+ Features:

A cost-effective, proven industry standard for traditional dental radiographic systems, Carestream Dental Intraoral Film delivers high-quality images with outstanding processing and handling characteristics.

The D88+ packet offers all the benefits of Carestream Dental Film with the added convenience of processing within the packet.

Available in size 2 for bite-wing or periapical exams, this film quickly delivers fine detail – without the hassle of traditional film processing or use of a darkroom.

Benefits include:

• Rapid processing due to Carestream Dental’s T-Grain® film technology

• Available in 100-packet boxes, requiring less storage space and ensuring use before expiration

• Enhanced processing robustness – providing more tolerance to chemistry variations

• Rapid film development, enhancing efficiency

• Chairside processing for immediate results

• Space savings in the dental clinic – no processing equipment required

• Thinner packets mean enhanced patient comfort

Processing Information:

Simply inject processing solution into the exposed packet with a syringe taking care not to scratch the film. Gently massage the packet, open and remove the film. Rinse for 2 minutes with clean water and the radiograph is ready to view.


Dental X-ray Sensor Positioner Holder

Material:PVC(nontoxic) ,sterilize in liquid antiseptic, in high temperature

The item can be sterilize under 131℃,but not too much time,pls try to do it by disinfectant.

Usage:It is used during the taking picture of illness teeth, it help dentists to find the exact position to take pictures to make the illness teeth complete show in the pictures.


Applied for traditional or smaller dental films and wireless imaging plates (digital sensor).

During taking picture, it’s better to put the film in the exactly position for making the ill tooth image displayed in the middle of the film.

Reduces Patient's Oral Discomfort and Allows for Better Accuracy and Ease of X-ray Taking Procedure.


1, For right maxillary upper premolar/molar and left mandibular

2, For left maxillary premolar and right mandibular premolar/molar

3, For maxillary/ mandbular incisor -Anterior teeth

One suit includes 3 Pcs (Left, Right, Upper)


Barrier Envelopes for 30*40mm Dental Film

300 Barrier Envelopes for Intra Oral X-Ray ScanX Phosphor Storage Platesit is used to protect the IP and avoid cross inflection among the doctors and patients .


1.Reduce Cross-Infection.

2.Keep the Phosphor Storage Plate Clean.

3.Easy to use.

4.Low cost, Disposable Use.

5.Compatible with Scan-X Air Techniques and many other brands!

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