Dental Surgery LED Light Operation Lighting Shadowless LED Lamp With Touch Screen Cold Light For Dental Chair

DenshineSKU: 620000196625-1185

Option1: 22MM


Dental 8 Bulbs LED Surgical Light

Power Source:Electric
Warranty:1 Year
Material:metal, Plastic
Product name:Dental 8 Bulbs LED Surgical Light
Voltage:AC 24VA
Light Spot:85x160
Color Temperature:4000-5500K
Eye Intensity:<300lux
Net Weight:1850g
Handle:Autoclavable handle cover
Shaft dimension:22mm or 26mm

1. Totally enclosed design and hygienic autoclavable handle covers which is easily taken out or put in.
2. 7 color temperatures to be chosen (4000K to 5500K) and high illumination up to 60000LUX.
3. Light(1.85Kg), can be put on the dental units, ceilings, walls and mobile trollies.(But this packing list does not include the lamp arm!)
4. The light is also an excellent choice for the ENT and cosmetic surgery (rectangle pattern, high illumination, superb shadow less effect)

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