CF-689 Intra oral Camera Sony CCD USB 2.0 Intra oral camera Dental oral camera

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1 . Using SONY 1/4 high resolution CCD.
2 . Mobile lightweight, easy to operate , there are six Japanese imports of high- brightness LED, life assurance over 100.000 hours , produce low heat , no heat .
3 . Manually freeze the screen image is automatically stored without additional power
4 . All-digital type , plug and play , must be compatible with computer
5. Auto Focus , without adjusting the focus lens using non-plastic lens , the image is not blurred.
6 images directly USB2.0 output , and image storage via computer , the establishment of patient files.
7 . Use of disposable transparent sheath can be an effective way to cross-infection .
8. pixels 1280 × 960 (1300.000 pixels )
**With : ( a phone cable , 50 phone sheath )

CF-689 intraoral camera uses the most advanced production technology endoscopes , together with first-class
production and testing equipment manufactured at its core imaging components imported from Japan and Japan
imported color CCD optical lens , quality makes the product extremely stable, extremely excellent visual effects ;

The camera picture is clear, natural products , highly consistent with the physical , so that doctors and patients can
be synchronized to the patient's condition was observed inside the mouth , both provide the fundamental basis for the
doctor's diagnosis , but also deepened and patient communication, has changed the traditional patient passive
treatment, is the best tool to improve the quality of medical services

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