4PCS Simple Head Model Dental Simulator Phantom Head for Dentist Education Dentist Teaching /Head Model Phantom for Training

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Dental simulator manikin

Brief Instroduction of all part:
The Dental Models:28pcs or 32pcs teeth,soft or hard gum,FE articulator
Metal ball joint.Students can adjust the position of head to pratice.
Silicone face mask with drain-pipe,simulated oral practice.
Other accessories:plastic head cover,screws,allen wrench and so on.

Installation instruction:
1.Installation of Articulator and Head Cover.
A.Put the axle which is used to fix the installation into the articulator
B.Make the cutting side of axle right face the inside of articulator ,tightening the hand grip till these two fix good.
C.Set the maxillary plate straight into the groove on the head cover.It's done when you hear "bang".

2.Installation of silicone Face Cover and Dental Model.
A.Loose the screws in the back of dental model,take the articulator down;
B.Strut the silicone face cover with hand,put the upper and lower jaw model into it and make it rightdirection;
C.Twist the 4screws in the back of jaw model,and make the silicone fce cover fixed .

3.The installation of dental model and articulator.
A.Loose the 2 screws in the articulator ,pull lower jaw to the most front;
B.Fit the table adge in the gripping holder uttermost.
C.Tighten the cross handle.

Advantage :
This type I manikin is very simple but widely applied to working places and homes for students,out-patient service trainee ,dentistry assistant.
It can satisfy all aspects of dental practice.

Recommended function:
Scaling handpiece Positioning ,Taking Impressions.

Package includes:
1* Dental simulator manikin

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