20:1 Dental Surgery Implant Handpiece Reduction E Type Contra Angle

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  • Professionally used by dentists as oral operative surgery tools for dental implant.

  • Product features:

  • 20:1 Reduction Implant handpiece

  • Chuck Type: Push Button type chuck

  • Double water system irrigation

  • Bur Applicable:2.345-2.355mm

  • Available for various E-type motors in accordance with ISO standard

  • Compatible with all e-type motors

Technical Date:

  • Gear Ratio 20:1 Reduction 

  • Body Material:Stainless Steel 

  • Water Spray:(1)External water spray (2)Internal water spray

  • Max Speed:2,000 r/min 

  • Max Torque:55Ncm 

Package List:

  • 20:1 contra angle:1 piece

  • Cap wrench:1 piece

  • E tape oil nozzle:1 piece

  • Internal water pipe:1 piece

  • Pipe fixture:1 piece

  • Operation manual:1 piece

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