Wireless Cordless Dental LED Orthodontics Cure Curing Light

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Product introduction

  • This product is used in fast solidification by lighting dental resin.
  • It is a new generation of standard developed LED curing light, with humanity intelligent chip, the world advanced high intensity LED light and Lion rechargeable battery, which is based on YY0055-2002《Curing Light》.
  • It can cure all the dental resin in the market nowadays, Its performance is further surpassthe halogen curing light's, which can solidify 4-5mm deepness in 8 seconds.

Standard accessories

1.Curing light + high capacitance rechargeable battery (each one set)
2.Special charger + special charger socket (each one set)
3.Operation manual and maintenance card

Technical parameters

  1. Power voltage :AC100-240V 50-60Hz(it can be used worldwide,and i will send you the right plug to fit your country's voltage.)
  2. L.E.D Ortho light:super light intensity: 2000mw/cm2
  3. Light guide for fast and powerful curing
  4. 3 exposure times for optimal curing: 8s/ 6s/ 4s
  5. You can select the right time for the different types of material you wish to cure, their speed of reaction, and the clinical protocol you are following.

Power supply
regarding to the power supply: The power supply can be used in worldwide,i will send you the right plug to fit your country.

Packing list: 1 piece

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