Dental LED Automatic Defogging Mirror Oral Photography Reflector Kit

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1. Using high quality LED lights to increase the brightness with no ghosting and clear imaging
2. Work with comfortable breezes , Effectively prevent mirror fogging up when human breath.
3. Be more convenient to play a role in anti-fogging
4.There are four type stainless steel reflectors for meeting virous shooting needs: shooting for teeth face and maxillofacial
5.Built-in high-end current-limiting chip, automatic input current regulation, safety protection
6.The handshake position is equipped with a smooth design pad to make your touch more comfortable.
7. Intelligent double switch control
Battery: 1000mAh/3.7V
Input: 5V1A
Output: 1.8W Max
L Occlusal Mirror:14.5*6.9CM
M Occlusal Mirror:14*5.5CM
Tongue depressor:14.5*4CM
Cheek Mirror:15*4.2CM
Package Include:
1* Handle
1*L Occlusal Mirror
1*M Occlusal Mirror for Children
1* tongue depressor
1* Cheek Mirror
1*USB charging cable

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