Dental Root Canal Treat Endodontic Cordless Ultrasonic Activation Irrigator Handpiece

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Endodontic Cordless Ultrasonic Activation Irrigator Handpiece

lndications for Use

The Endo Ultra Activator originallyborn from concentrated technology for ultrasonic activation of irrigation solutions with vibration frequency of 65,000,QD Hz, to create cavitation and acoustic streaming intheirrigant.

Relying on such innovation, better cleaning and disinfection quality could be reached as below:

a.Eliminates biofilm and smear layer.

b.Facilitates upward debris removal.

c.Favors penetration of irrigantsintothe non-instrumented zones.

d.Improves the sealing ofthe obturation .

e.Reduces the microbial load.

f.Improved activation.

Peration Instructions

1.Press black button to turn on/off handpieces. When indicator turns on, means operation starts, and stop when indicatorturns off.

2.Flush root canal by irrigants, and move vertically up and down with amplitude of 2-3mm, and keep 2mm at least between tips and apex Locator.

3.Activate irrigants inside root canal with 30-60 seconds' vibration to reach perfect cleaning performance of root canal.

4.suggest to vibrate 20 seconds per time.

5.overuse of tips will bring potential separation risk, so should be no more than 50 times.


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