F300 Optical Fiber led Turbine high Speed handpiece

DenshineSKU: 620000203983-6978

Option1: with 6 hole coupling



Packing list:

1 pcs High speed handpiece or

1 pcs high speed handpiece with M6 KV coupler

Product highlights

1. It adopts optical fiber rod to guide light, with high efficiency of transmitting light source, and can be sterilized by high-pressure steam sterilizer。

2. It adopts quick change design, which is convenient to use. It can quickly switch high-speed mobile phones and rotate 360 ° freely。

3. It can be disinfected repeatedly under high temperature and high pressure.

4. The stamping back cover is made of stainless steel, which is more durable, anti falling off and single point water column

5. The light guide transmission light source is naturally bright, which can more clearly see the conditions of cavities and caries, make it easier to identify and improve the efficiency of precision operation

6. A complete set of mobile phones with complete models and universal connectors can meet the needs of all-round tooth preparation without replacing the connectors

Product parameters:



Coupling:KV Type coupling , M6 6 hole coupling ( if you need M4/B2 please contact us )

Working pressure:0.25Mpa---0.3Mpa
(recommended working pressure: 0.25 MPa)


nebulizer pressure:≥0.2 Mpa

Atomization mode:Single point water column

Applicable needle:Φ1.59---1.60mm

Clamping force:25-- -45N

LED light intensity:≥1500MCD

Color temperature:3500K

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