High Quality Dental Portable Teeth Whitening Lamp Accelerator Cold Light Device Bleaching Machine Led Tooth Dentistry Equipment

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Option1: EU Plug Fo Table


The whitening device T1 is a new type whitening
technology,based on the condition of strong blue LED
light and whitening kit accelerant. By the character of
nanometerpellet on the surface and Light decomposition
activate the most H202 inshort order on Iow or normal
temperature. Produce mass oxygen atomy permeate teeth
and decompose color molecule, to meet the effect of
teeth whitening

(1).The specifical1 wavelength and high density light
speed catalyze whitening gel.
(2).8 powerfulLED tubes emit a high intensive cold blue
light with an output at 6000MW/CM2.
(3).Specialdesign innocuous silica gel muzzle, make
sure stopping intersectional1infection
(4).The new model ofpower supply make sure steady
power output and longi-timee continuous working
even in some cities and places with mutative voltage
(5).Time displayscreen shows the whitening time clearly
to both dentist and patient·

(1).Power supply:AC100-240V,50/60HZ
(3).Clamping size:45~50cm.
(4).Light size:18X74mm2
(5).Light intensity:>6000mw/cm2
(6).Light timing:0~20mins
(7).Power instability:<1%
C8).Working method:time output&continuous working
C9).Coupling:polyester monowave

C).Connect power source and turn it on.
(2).The machineisin stand-by aftera prompt sound of
buzzing.Position”l” would be showed glinting "20”.
(3).Adjust the operation time by”time up/time down”
adjustrange froml to 20 minutes.
(4).Alarm sound after pressing'START”anda strong
blue light transmited from the light guide ofterminal
time display is counting down.
(S).Alarm sound for 5 seconds after countdown finished
blue light extinguish.

(1).Please dontturn the power OFF immediately once
blue light extinguished. the machine will turn to
heat-emiting and cooling condition according to
preset procedure
(2).Light guide terminalis made of the polyester
material which is smooth and transparent.Please
do not clean it with the incisive object

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