1:5 Dental Increasing Speed LED Fiber Handpiece Contra Angle with self-illuminated generator Inner Water Spray

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1:5 LED Dental Handpiece Increasing Speed Contra Angle Inner Water spray Handpiece with LED Optic


1. Water spray effectively cools the entire operation field.
2. LED can luminate operation field with light source provided by E-generator.
3. detachable head could prevent bloodiness to attached interror of contra angle to prolong life -span, and easy clean up as well.
4. Superior bearings make it perfect slient operation without heating.
5. Push button
6. Water spray hole
7. Rotating sleeve
8. New stype of detachable head prevent bloodiness attach interior of contra angle to prolong life-span 。
9. E-generator &speed increaser


inner water spray,applicable to E-type micro motor/air motor.
Max rotation: 200,000 r/min
Noise: ≤70dB
Bur applicable: Φ1.59~1.60mm (FG bur )
Chuck type: push button
Lumination type: with LED
Sterilization temperature: 135℃

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