Dental Electric Implant Torque Wrench Driver with 16Pcs Colorful Screwdriver

DenshineSKU: 620000205210-3521



 Material:Stainless Steel+Plastics

1、134°CAutoclavable,the box can also be sterilized

Electronic handles can only be alcohol wiped on the surface and cannot be autoclaved.

2、Torque precision setting, adjustable torque, torque range up to 10-50N.CM

3、Safety warning and alarm prompt. When the preset torque is reached, the buzzer sounds to alert


Drivers 1.0 (Long+Short)

Drivers 1.19(Long+Short)

Drivers 1.2(Long+Short)

Drivers 1.25(Long+Short)

Drivers 1.27(Long+Short)

Drivers 1.4(Long+Short)

Drivers T-5(Long+Short)

DriversT-6 (Long+Short)

Packing List

1 pc Wrench

16 pcs drivers

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