Dental Built-in Electric Brushless Micromotor LED Dentistry Implant Micro Motor Dental Chair Unit

DenshineSKU: 620000295966-4928



Features :

1, Simple operating system

Connect the dental unit to the with a tubing , use the foot pedal to control the electric motor

2. The new gen of technology micro motor

According to the different treatments and different handpieces , the speed can be adjusted from 100-200.000rpm/min

3. Compact and handy , high torque

Ergonomic designed length and weight greatly reduce the fatigue from long time operation , the motor can be sterilized.

4. Built in , control panel can be easily installed at any angle

5. Pneumatic/ manual start automatically switch

6.Custom the air pressure of starting motor

7, LED lighting delay-off time is adjustable

8. Speed, steering can be adjusted

9, The motor can be autoclaved .

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