Dental Digital X-Ray Sensor Handy HDR-500B X Ray RVG Sensor CMOS RVG Imaging System Include Software

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Dimension: 27.5x38.5mm
Active Area: 22.5x30mmmm,675mm²
lmage Pixel: 1.9M(1600X1200)
Overall size: 92*66*28mm
PC interface: USB 2.0 (full speed)
Supply voltage: 5.0V (4.25V min.)
Supply current: 500mA max
Digitization: 12 bits perpixel
Driver: Free driver (windows)
Packing size: 290X390X50mm
Environmental temperature: 5-40°C

1. CMOS chip, matching industrial superfine fiber panel
2. High efficiency, high resolution X-ray conversion technology, coupled with advanced AD guidance technology to restore real tooth images
3. Make the image clearer, more delicate, and the most subtle apical bifurcation can be easily seen.
4. Compared with traditional dental film shooting, APS CMOS sensor saves 75% of the cost
5. 0.35nms production process, 3T technology, wide dynamic > 73dB, which can realize the image transmission capacity of 4 frames per second.
6. For X-ray machines with low X-ray dose, the early diagnosis of the smallest flaw or internal apical infection should have a high-resolution image with the highest gray value, and the actual resolution can reach 16-20p/mm.
7. It only takes a few seconds for the image to be imaged immediately, thus realizing the timeliness of the diagnosis process to the greatest extent.
8. Multi-languages with 10 types.
9. New APS CMOS sensor with long life time (400.000times)
10. Operation system: Desk top & Laptop (Windows2000,XP,Win 7, Win 8, Win 10, Win11)

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