Handy HDR-500B Dent Intraoral Imaging System X-ray sensor Digital Dental Sensor X-Ray

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Technical parameter

Model: HDR500B(HANDY)

Chip type: CMOS APS

Scintillator: GOS

Dimensions: 39x27.5mm

Effective area: 30x22.5mm,675mm*mm

Pixel size: 18.5um

Picture pixel: 1.9M(1600*1200)

Operating system: WIN 7/WIN 10(32bit&64bit)


1.larger use area, with effective area as wide as22.5mm

2.Higher pixels, 1.9 million, 2.7 million pixels, the most subtle apical bifurcation can also be found

3.Faster imaging, 2-3 seconds

4.More professional image processing, using Dicom technology

5.More convenient multi-user solution, multi-users share data, and sensors can be transferred from one space to another

6.More powerful image management software, handydentist, one-click processing: root canal, periodontal, wisdom tooth, crown, one-click diagn


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