Anti-Fog 3.5x 420mm Dental Surgical Binocular Loupes + LED Head Light lamp

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Anti-fog 3.5x - 420mm Dental Surgical Binocular Loupes with headlight
Magnification 3.5X
Working distance 420mm
Depth of field 80mm
Field of View 60mm
Weight 52g
Frames Ni-alloy or Plastic
Portable LED headlight
The most popular model among dental students ,dental hygienists and dentist. Wide field of view and generous depth of field with high enough power for daily procedures.

Portable LED headlight
High intensity>15000—30000Lux
Continuous run-time:>5 hour
The power of the LED bulb:1 W
The lifetime of the bulb:10000 hour
All loupes are,optional
Very small volume and weight
Battery pack weight:100g
Charge voltage:AC110V/240V/50-60Hz
Using the rechargeable lithium battery,light weight,longevity and the more comfortable carry,it is suitable for all kinds of surgical operation

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