carving Engraving Dental Lab 35KRpm Electric Micromotor Polishing Handpiece Polish

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Description :

FDA, CE certificated
Micro motor 90+102
Brand new and made in Korea
Basic model, Mini-compact design
0~35,000 rpm, less-vibration standard carbon brush motor
Non stage speed system
Right/Left turing ability
On/Off switch
As the basic model among the STRONG series, heat and vibration is minimized even
for a long-time use thanks to the stable circuit layout.
Six months Guaranteed
Bur size :2.35mm
Power Supply voltage:220V/50Hz±10%
or 110V/60Hz±10%

Package list

1 × HighSpeed 35000 rpm Handpiece
1 × Foot Pedal Switch
1 × Control Box Main machine 110v or 220v  if you didn't mark the model , we will send you 220v
1 × Wrench
2 × Carbon Brush
1 × Operation Manual
1 × Free Plug Adapter If necessary

Kindly reminder

*This item only have 2 flat plug,if you want 2 round plug, we will sent a switch adaptor to you.


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