50,000 RPM Non-Carbon Brushless Design Dental Micromotor Polishing Unit with lab handpiece dental micro motor Powerful

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50000 RPM Non-Carbon Brushless for dental lab laboratory jewelry carving and industry Micromotor Polishing Unit handpiece

NEW function: Speed controlled

by the foot pedal !

Input:220V /110V
Output: 4A
Size: 20*20*8
Net Weight 2.25kg

Brushless micromotor high quality and stable porformance
With hand speed control and foot pedal speed control , much more convenivent
One year quality warranty from the manufacturer!

1, the machine has intelligent protection function, no connection handpiece, motor damage,controller failure, high temperature, will start the automatic protection system. Then the display window will flash. When protection occurs first turn off the power switch, carefully check the condition of the various parts, troubleshooting before use.
2, follow your power supply AC110V model or AC220V, it may cause the controller to burn
3, if the machine does not work, check the power cord, handpiece, whether the foot switchplugged in, whether the fuse burned power outlet, if it is over-temperature protection, and other equipment to lower the temperature before use
4, the device when not in use, turn off the power switch
5, try to protect the handpiece, the handpiece is very sophisticated equipment
6. Do not talk to control for other devices, otherwise it will cause the controller is not working properly or is damaged.

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