5W LED Surgical Head Light Dental Lamp All-in-Ones Headlight with loupes Dental Loupes

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Integrated headlights

◆ Features: LED lighting, daylight, wireless dual power supply.
◆ basic functions: rapid replacement of power, brightness and adjustable with the use of magnifying glass.
◆ variable function: the appearance of color variable.
◆ Application: operating room, mouth, ENT.

Technical Parameters

Light source type: LED
Power: 5W
Illumination: 80,000 lx
Color temperature: 6000 K
Working distance: 420 mm
Spot size: 10-110 mm
Working hours: 4 h
Lamp life: 50,000 h
Weight: 420 g
Spot adjustable: Yes
Adjustable brightness: Yes
Can be equipped with magnifying glass: Yes

One-way spiral magnifier

◆ Features: large field of view, depth of field, high resolution,
low magnification, positioning fast, more beautiful.
◆ basic functions: two-way adjustment pupil distance, manual focus.
◆ variable function: wear a variable way, the appearance of color variable.
◆ Application: outpatient, oral, ENT.

Technical Parameters

Magnification: 2.5 / 3.5 X
Working distance: 330/420/550 mm
Field of view: φ 100-φ 130 mm
Weight: 100 g
Can be equipped with headlights: Yes

Packing list:1pcs as you choose

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