Dental Lab Polishing Shank Mandrel Burs Dentistry Polishing Disc Cutting Double Side

DenshineSKU: 620000206600-3812

Option1: C01 0.45mm



Handle details :

Material:stainless steel

Length: approx 45mm  

Shaft Diameter: 3/32" - 2.35mm

These mandrels are slotted with a 2.35mm( 3/32")shank.

Grinding wheel details :

Coating material:Diamond

Shank diameter:2.35mm

Divide,separate,fabricate,contour,shape of dental restorative materials,for ceramic, gold, steel, etc.

Double side diamond cutting fast and good elasticity for separating and contouring of ceramics, acrylics and plaster, flexible, with good vision result,high material reduction and smooth grinding performance.

If you choose the 10 pcs handle , you will get only 10 pcs handles not include the wheel

If you choose the wheel , you will get only 15 pcs wheels not include the handle


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