Dental Lab Polisher Ceramic Diamond Grinding Head Stone Grinder Zirconia Ceramics Crowns Polisher 2.35mm Quick Polishing

DenshineSKU: 620000206139-4882

Option1: CD0123 1PC


Dental lab ceramic diamond grinder zirconia porcelain polish

1.Ceramic bonded grinder with diamond
2.Maintains shape during application
3.Excellent durability
4.Heat resistant
5.Used for zirconia inner crown,porcelain tooth surface and crown
6.Fast finishing dry grinding without water cooling
7.Efficiently grinding,polishing and precisely finishing

HP Blue--Medium Grit

Shank diameter:2.35mm
Grit: Medium

CD2123 size:4x10.5mm Recommended speed:20,000-35,000r/min
CD2023 size:5x12mm Recommended speed:20,000-35,000r/min
CD0123 size:22x2mm Recommended speed:15,000-30,000r/min
CD0093 size:22x4.5mm Recommended speed:15,000-30,000r/min

HP Yellow--Fine Grit

Shank diameter:2.35mm
Grit: Fine

CD2064 size:3x7mm Recommended speed:20,000-35,000r/min
CD0074 size:16x3.5mm Recommended speed:15,000-30,000r/min
CD0084 size:22x2mm Recommended speed:15,000-30,000r/min
CD2124 size:4x10.5mm Recommended speed:20,000-35,000r/min
CD2024 size:5x12mm Recommended speed:20,000-35,000r/min
CD2324 size:12x3mm Recommended speed:20,000-35,000r/min


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