210 Models Dental Diamond Burs Demonstation Book For High Speed Handpiece Dia.1.6mm

DenshineSKU: 620000206124-9505

Option1: 1 kit


Net weight: 600g
Totally 210 models of diamond burs
For diamond bur demonstation.
It is the best choice for you to show the diamond burs
to the dentist to choose the proper bur size.

Red marker 's burs apply to children
Kiddies are specially designed for prepartion in childa mouth and for difficult to reavh areas special micro sied heads for minimal invasive restorative dentistry and childrens dentistry paedodontology.

Black marker and coarse particle emery burs is more suitable for Europe and USA

Follow sizes apply to all-ceramic restoration.
508t-014XC, 001-014M, 198C-016XC, 508T-016XC, 508T-016F, 508T-014XC, 001-016M, 198C-021XC, 508T-021XC, 508T-021F

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