Dental Porcelain Polishing Kit For Low Speed Contra Angle Handpiece

DenshineSKU: 620000205997-5577

Option1: RA 3112




Soft silicone polishers and universal diamond polishers for porcelain


1.For dental clinic low speed  handpiece

2.Don’t use the products to sharp part, or it will damage the abrasive material.

3.Do not need to use with the polishing paste, do not need to apply too much pressure, Touch intermittent natural abrasive.


1,Red ring (white ceramic grinder) = 1st step: Removing and contouring. Rec. 10,000-12,000 rpm.

2,Red ring (pink silicone polisher) = 2nd step: Smoothing and pre-polishing. Rec.10, 000-12,000 rpm.

3,Yellow ring (yellow diamond polisher) = 3rd step: High gloss polishing.Rec10,000-12,000 rpm



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