1pcs Dental Orthodontic Polishing Strip Interproximal Teeth Reciprocating Abrasive Metal Enamel Stripping System Handpiece Tool

DenshineSKU: 620000197059-1033

Option1: 40 HD


Dental Orthodontic Polishing Strip Interproximal Reciprocating Abrasive

A safe, precise and reliable method to achieve accurate interproximal stripping.

More controllable and safer for the dentist and patient than diamond discs.

For the patient than manual hand stripping.

Provides the flexibility that diamond and carbide burs can‘t Faster and more comfortable

Feature :

1. Reciprocating motion handpiece and carborundum blade .

    Apply to invisible treatment , rapid repair of dental enamel .

2. Carborundum blade is stable and durable

3. The blade fram and blades , It is more solid ,adopts the locking type design

    It has a good compatibility with all kinds of handpieces

4. When the knife fram put into handpiece ,can be completely fixed , no shake ,

5. There are holes in the blade ,which can effectively discharge the water and powder produced in the glaze .


90 HD-For use as a saw for opening contacts

60 HD-For reduction

40 HD-For contouring

25 HD-For finishing

15 HD-For pre polishing

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