Dental Diode Low Level Laser Photo-Activated Disinfection F3WW PAD Light

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Origin: Mainland China

Model Number: F3WW

Material: Metal

Commodity Quality Certification: ce

Item Description:

Wavelength:650nm ± 5nm

Length without a light rod:102mm
Magnetic Rechargeable Battery:Lithium Ion
Diameter of the out put of the light rod:6mm
Power supply:3DV rechargeable batteries
Button control
Sound signalisation
Magnet coupled rechargeable batteries

Continuous model of the laser beam


1.Photo-Activated Disinfection technology is based on two components to selectively tag and destroy cariogenic bacteria and periodontal pathogens:
a solution of dilute, pharmaceutical grade tolonium chloride (a vital stain)and light of a specific wavelength (650 nm) to activate the solution.

2.Photo-Activated Disinfection(PAD) Light-F3WW provide the light of a specific wavelength (650 nm) to activate the solution.

3.Introduced into dental hard or soft tissue, the solution of dilute, pharmaceutical grade tolonium chloride (a vital stain) selectively targets and tags all bacteria. When the solution is activated by the Photo-Activated Disinfection(PAD) Light-F3WW,it releases singlet oxygen which ruptures the cell walls of bacteria, killing them in seconds.

Indications for Use:

Photo-Activated Disinfection(PAD) Light-F3WW is equally effective to activate the solution on the bacteria found in root canals, periodontal pockets, periimplantitis,carious teeth,Infection control and pain relief.

Kills all bacteria including:
• Streptococcus mutans
• Total streptococcus
• Streptococcus sobrinus
• Streptococcus intermedius
• Actinomyces
• Lactobacillus
• veilonella
• Prevotella intermedia
• Peptostreptococcus micros
• Fusobacterium nucleatum
• Porphyromonas gingivalis
• Staphaloccoccus aureus
• E.faecalis

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