48pcs/box Teeth Stainless Steel Preformed Crown/Dental Temporary Crown Set

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Option1: 48pcs kids crown


48pcs/box Dental Kids Deciduous Teeth Stainless Steel Preformed Crown/Dental Temporary Crown Set for Children's Primary Molars

Product brief:

Product Name :Korea SHINHUNG Children's Metal Pre-formed Crown Set

Brand:Korea SHINHUNG

Product specification: 48 pieces/set

Product material: fine stainless steel (S30403)

Product packaging:One piece per model, 48 pieces/box in total

Children's stainless steel deciduous dental crown is a pre-shaped stainless steel metal crown that fits perfectly to the tooth. Covering the deciduous teeth can protect the teeth and strengthen the strength of the teeth, which can ensure that the deciduous teeth are replaced by the permanent teeth in a normal and healthy manner. Restoring the shape and chewing function of primary molars with child crowns can prevent the loss of fillings, secondary generation and fracture of tooth tissue, which is beneficial to the normal replacement of children's jaw growth boxes to inherit permanent teeth

Specification introduction:

SHINHUNG Korea provides clinicians with dental crowns for first molars and second molars

Representation of dental crowns:

D: indicates the first molar

E: Indicates the second molar

Each tooth position has from small to large, 6 sizes to choose from


Protect damaged deciduous teeth

*Large area of tooth tissue loss, poor resistance and retention

*Single tooth has multiple dental caries

*Cannot prepare cavities in the tooth neck of the gingival wall

*Enamel hypoplasia or partial crown fracture

* Teeth that have undergone root canal treatment

* Caries activity and strong, secondary caries-prone patients

*Retention of the gap holder


1. Necked and pre-formed, in most cases, no need for much adjustment, just slightly bend the neck to sit in place

2. It has biological identity and non-allergic transparent ceramic coating, the coating is safe and harmless to human body, with moderate light transmittance and surface brightness

3. The surface has undergone special heat treatment to make it more elastic.

4. The shape is natural and the occlusal structure is precise, which can avoid food residues

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