15Pcs/Set Dental Screwdrivers Torque Screwdriver Wrench Tools Implant Repair Tool Kit

DenshineSKU: 620000225018-2691

Option1: 1set


Dental Implant Screwdriver & Wrench Set Hand Use Universal Restorative Tool Box 14 Hand Screwdriver 17mm Universal Torque Wrench

Name:Universal Repair Toolbox (for hand use)

Include: 14 hand screwdrivers + 1 7mm universal torque wrench

High quality stainless steel imported from Germany

More comprehensive adaptation system

7 models, fully applicable to more than 30 types of mainstream clinical implant systems


More reasonable color matching, more convenient for doctors to pick and place

Different models with different colors and equipped with the same color silicone pins, at a glance to avoid confusion


Longer-lasting, more durable all-aluminum sterilization box

All aluminum alloy high temperature sterilization box, doctors can repeatedly 134 degrees high temperature and high pressure consumption use

German imported medical special steel, million-grade CNC precision machine processing

Germany imported medical special steel and post-treatment process, to ensure the durability of the screw up to avoid slippage, off the wire and other phenomena; million level CNC precision machining, to ensure the accuracy of the original, screw up port data and the original highly compatible


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