7PCS/SET Dental Resin Filler Aesthetic Restoration Kit Fit For LM Resin Knife Plastic Dresser With Silicone Handle

DenshineSKU: 620000199260-8026

Option1: 7 pcs


Dental Resin Filler Aesthetic Restoration Kit

CT-1: Double-edge blade for resin shaping
CT-2: Accurate shaping of proximal adjacent and marginal ridges
CT-3: For Large surface Shaping
CT-4: For the operations of repair forming
CT-5: The shaping operations of occlusal surface
CT-6: Designed for horizontal and vertical measuring of thickness of composite layers on anterior restorations

Features :

1.Special steel from Germany
2.highly gracile
3.elastic dimensionally stable
4.Appication of titanium coating technology in work area .

Advantages :
1.Excellent tactile sensitivity
2.Comfortable grip
3.Less strain
4.Easily identifiable
5.High metal wear resistance
6.Extremely sharp cutting edges

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