Dental Air Polisher aluminum Oxide Air Abrasion master Sandblaster Device

DenshinedentistSKU: 44849635-4holes

Color: 4holes


1.Easy to use, quick and light in appearance
2.This product can link with global 4 hole teeth chair.
3.Product use for:to increase viscosity of the touch surface , roughening the surface of compound material metal ,porcelain crow,fiber post,inlay surface.
1.Link way:4hole teeth chair general autoclavable.
2.Opertion air pressure:0.3-0.6kgf/cm²
3.Sand amount:1.5g/min-3.59g/min
4.Blasting hole:Φ0.4mm
5.Blasting head can rotate to 360°
6.Air abrasion master recommended:50-90μm high purity

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